By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

There's a bite in the air and the exceptionally warm blast of my client's home greeting me feels good today.
I slip off my boots and winter coat, check my cell for important messages one last time, and allow my senses to gather sense:
The house is quiet, the television is off, and the low hum of an oxygen concentrator permeates the peaceful home.
And ...
There's a jar of peanut butter on the table.
Most would identify the peanut butter jar as nothing more than a favorite spread on the morning toast, or a permanent "counter condiment" to be enjoyed throughout the day.
But an object has the power to convey a very loud unspoken language, and the peanut butter jar on the table conveys a great deal to me about the welfare of my beloved client.
The peanut butter jar tells me that the night was long,
-That much went wrong,
-That fatigue will be strong,
-And my presence, like a song, has the power to fill her day.
I follow the long strand of oxygen tubing leading to my weary friend and throw my arms around her in our morning ritual (and yes, that's exactly how I do it.)
Even though she's exhausted I can feel her come to life.
We hold hands and share meaningful necessary morning conversation ...
And she tells me pretty much everything I already knew about her night.
In an animated playful tone I assert,
"The night is over ... and my passions will be employed on you in every conceivable way. It shall be a very good day for us both and I only hope I don't tire you out too much."
Her countenance changes, a light comes on in her eyes, and she chuckles.
"Yes," she says, "I like you here by me, Darrelyn."
I kiss her on the forehead, my work is cut out for me, and I'm wholeheartedly at it.
And I think to myself ...
How wonderfully, beautifully, powerfully, and "oftenly" we are given the opportunity to love "tenderly" those individuals who have placed a peanut butter jar on the table.
Read the signs and the "message in the bottle,"
And then go to work.
And thank you, Lord, for the peanut butter people.
Help us to love.
"Whatever you do, work at it wholeheartedly as though you were doing it for the Lord and not merely for people."
Colossians 3:23