By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

If you're willing to do some crazy things,
you'll be rewarded with some extraordinary and crazy perks.
Let's take "showering" for example.
If your primary reason for showering in the morning is to wake gently, make yourself clean, and feel great for the day ... then you're in the majority and missing out on the "perks" provided to the minority.
Change your mindset, and you'll change your practice, and be bettered in the process.
Consider ...
What if your primary reason for showering was replaced with forcible reasons that included the following benefits:
Mental alertness. Skill sharpening. Clarity. Energy. Combatting difficulties. Increased metabolism. Physical refreshment and rejuvenation. Stimulation. Immunity supplementation. Discipline. Confidence.
Would you be willing to adjust your mindset and faucet in order to enjoy these perks?
I think you'd be crazy not to ...
but that's just me.
I'm a big believer in performing crazy tasks and doing crazy things in order to experience life-changing and rewarding perks, and then challenging others to do the same.
+I'll take a frigid shower if I believe it supports clarity and growth, and secures me with brain power.
+I'll take a frigid shower if I'm convinced that I'll experience outstanding emotional, mental, and physical benefits.
+I'll take a frigid shower if I know that temporary discomfort leads to strength of clarity and ushers in a day more meaningfully and mindfully spent.
The rewards of turning the tap to a frigid temp are simply too immense and intense to me not to take the plunge and go for the cold.
There's gold in the cold ... and I've discovered it.
Here's a challenge:
Take a frigid shower for the next 21 days and record the rewards provided you.
Challenge yourself on whether the perks don't sufficiently outweigh the discomforts when you're done.
Train your brain to go after more than comfort and enjoy the long-term perks awaiting you. No time like the present. Begin in the next shower and a concrete turn of the tap.
And then ...
Apply more uncomfortable and new steps to your old routines until they're part of your new routine and a healthier and more defined "you" in the New Year.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Redefine the Brrrrr and translate it into Brrrreathtaking new habits.
Change your mindset and you change your life practice.
Brrring it on!
Begin early in the day ...
and do one new thing that betters you.