By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Colin Montgomerie. Jerry Kelly. Angel Cabrera. Mark Calcavecchia. Darren Clarke. John Harris. Scott McCarron. Gary Nicklaus. Dave Stockton, Jr. Jerry Smith.
Do you recognize these names?
Hmmm ...
If you're not familiar with the world of golf these names might not mean anything to you, but if you are, you're in a delicious lather and recognize these individuals as superior and mature golfers. The names above compose a short list of the players highlighting the Sanford International being played at the Minnehaha Country Club in Sioux Falls this week.
Some of the biggest names on the 50+ PGA golf tour will be here along with the legendary Jack Nicklaus, who will return as golf ambassador and participant in the opening ceremonies.
+Colin Montgomerie has been named the European Tour Player of the Year five times and holds 92 professional victories. Keep your eye on him.
+Jerry Kelly, an able competitor, has three wins of the Champions Tour under his belt with a recent American Family Insurance Championship awarded him just last month, and who sounds to be in peak performance as well.
Countless awards could be contributed to each and every golfer who will be on the fairway (70 plus players,) and some great golf is expected to take place this week.
We happen to live near the Country Club and are already noting congested traffic on Kiwanis and 22nd. Police are diligently patroling the area and extra caution appears to be on display everywhere. In the meantime, I continue my speekwalks and capitalize on the beautiful force called energy.
It's going to be a crazy, beautiful week with more than floods and tornados to finally talk about.
Woohoo and positive energy to you too!
The electricity and energy in the air is positively charged and absolutely delicious. Just yesterday I strolled into the zoned off areas of the "event extravaganza" and enjoyed a rare behind the scenes look at the activity and action. I walked through the adjoining park being set up for accommodating purposes and witnessed the early stages of venue set-ups, Pro-Golf sporting good stores, and superior looking porta-potty sanctuaries scattered like sacred golf holes across the lawn.
My, oh my, is all I can say.
It's really quite extraordinary.
The Minnehaha Country Club in Sioux Falls hosts and boasts a prestigious and lofty clientele and I"ve been told that the figures for an annual membership begin at $20,000 and rise quickly. We declined a membership this year on account of a fixed budged that wouldn't allow for anything exceeding $15,000.
We were close ...  maybe next year. Ha.
No wonder Walter Hagen and Gene Sarazan enjoy the fairways.
Denny Sanford knows how to do it!
All this to say that it's great fun to be around a high-energy event.
You don't have to be a participant in it to pick up on it and be fueled and energized by it.
Energy is simply a spread-around, have-another-round, cheerful kind of thing.
Get near it and experience it for yourself!
Breathe it in and utilize the positive energy being generated around you and challenge yourself to educate yourself on something new because that's energizing too!
Maybe I won't rub shoulders with Jack Nicklaus this week but then again maybe I might.
You just never know because life is like that.
So is energy,
  a force filled with ...
 Positive and Great Anticipation!