By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

A dear and beloved elderly friend has returned "home" to me.
Curiously and mysteriously, as God's providence would have it, a family member of precious "Clare" contacted me and encouraged me to pay her a visit in the hospital.
Delighted. Responsive. Grateful.
I went with immediacy to the bedside of my friend and we picked up where we left off with a sense of no absence in-between.
Our souls bound tighter ...
internally made lighter by the presence of one another.
Love is a forcible thing.
It never fades.
I shall tell the story of a recent visit:
My dear friend lay in a sweet slumber from which she needed waking.
A tender stroke against her cheek, a peck of soft pink on the forehead, and a whisper,
"Good morning, beautiful, someone's here to see you," met her.
I watched her eyes flutter open and the immediate response of a smile and extended hand reaching for mine. Plopping down on her bed, I held her fragile, "needle bruised" hand in mine, and settled in for what I hoped would be a delightful visit.
No such beginning was mine.
The "bells and whistles" deemed typical room protocol were not the kind that got set off but a more severe kind.
This was the "kind" where nurses stop what they're doing, react with immediacy, and tend to the pressing emergency on hand.
 Of course, none existed my friend.
Just me with "too fizzy" a plop.
Offering my best and most sincere apology, the Doctor's kind-hearted response did my heart a tender good. He declared my "fizzy plop" the best medicine of the day and it was on such terms we met.
A curiously refreshing and unforgettable introduction.
But ... it was my friend's hearty laugh and amusement which continue to delight me,
and words which continue to provoke:
"That's why everybody loves you, Darrelyn. You're more than bells and whistles. You're a 'fizzy' unforgettable."
Hmmm ...
In reflection,
I wonder if it's not perceived strengths which makes us of notable and distinguishable quality, but honest bumblings, fumblings, and stumblings, all mixed together with God's grace which best showcase God at work and effectual, fervent, genuine love in action.
I wonder if our weakest tendencies and realities are not, in the end, our best qualities, and if God isn't most glorified when we see ourselves least qualified.
Minus pride ... 
God's glory shines through man in an uncontested and impossibly beautiful way.
Unpretentious is beautiful.
Authentic is doable.
A "fizzy plop" has the power to convey a very special kind of love.
Be your true you ...
and trust God's grace to shine through.
Do a fizzy plop.