By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

1) Warning light alerts
2) Engine sputtering
3) Poor fuel economy
4) Dead Battery
5) Flat tires
6) Squeaky or grinding breaks
7) Alternator issues
8) Broken starter motor
9) Shaking steering wheel
10) Overheating
A visit to the Auto shop is based on issues and problems we're experiencing. Generally we're alerted, in advance, to potential significant issues through the car's extraordinary warning system.
We don't drive on flats, disregard a dead battery, or hope that the alternator will somehow cure itself. We recognize and respond to the issues and make a trip to the Automotive.
In like manner, the mind is composed of an extraordinary sensory unit that alerts us in advance to potential issues. To heed the God-given warning system we're wired with is a wise practice that requires time, energy, and discipline and results in success, prosperity, and productivity.
1) Overwhelmed
2) Fear
3) Loneliness
4) Discomfort
5) Anger
6) Disillusionment
7) Guilt
8) Inadequacy
9) Anxiety
10) Disappointment
Failure to deal with negative "warning signals" results in long-term, negative ramifications. Responding "to" the mind's warning signals results in pique performance, energy recharge, and revitalization.
When we learn to make use of the negatives and enlist them as "action" enablements, we charge ourselves with positive and mobilizing activity which leads to positively energized outcomes.
1) An "overwhelmed" sensory suggests poor use of time and energy.
Action is required!
The first concrete act of every problem begins with pen and paper. 
Even those of us who don't like to write will appreciate and understand the value of conducting thoughts on paper. It's a concrete yet elementary discipline that precipitates healthy and wise activity. It might be composed of only ten words but those ten words have the power to alter not only your day ... but your entire life.
+Record priorities.
+Record time siphoned off in unnecessary activity.
+Respond and react accordingly.
The "overwhelmed" charge is now translated into a productive and positive charge by which we reorganize and restructure not only our time but our lives.
The "overwhelmed" sensory makes an exit when positive activity makes an entrance.
Pique energy performance is the outcome.
Positive Charge = Positive Change.
Love it!
By applying a positive strategy to a negative sensory we experience the exhilaration of productivity and positivity.
Love the life you live ...
Positively Charged.