Norman Vincent Peale's energetic appeal toward positivity and productivity is fantastic.
In his book,
he engages readers to consider the level of energy given off through positive and negative response.
It's worthy of consideration and contemplation.
What do you think your numbers might be?
Hmmm ...
Allow me to engage you with a provoking excerpt.
"A famous stateman who made seven speeches in one day was still boundless in energy.
'Why are you not tired after making seven speeches?' I asked.
'Because,' he said, 'I believe absolutely in everything I said in those speeches. I am enthusiastic about my convictions.'
That's the secret. He was on fire for something!
He was pouring himself out, and you never lose energy and vitality in so doing. You only lose energy when life becomes dull in your mind. Your mind gets bored and therefore tired doing nothing. You don't have to be tired.
Get interested in something.
Get absolutely enthralled in something.
Throw yourself into it with abandon. Get out of yourself. Be somebody. Do something. Don't sit around moaning about things, reading the papers, and saying, 'Why don't they do something?'
The man who is out doing something isn't tired. If you're not getting into good causes, no wonder you're tired. You're deteriorating. You're dying on the vine. The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have. You don't have time to think about yourself and get bogged down in your emotional difficulties.
People who lack energy are disorganized to one degree or another by their deep, fundamental emotional and psychological conflicts. Sometimes the results of this disorganization are extreme, but healing is ever possible."
Give me heaps and double helpings of "Norman," please.
Mmmm ...