By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

We are human.
We fall far short of what we ought to be and cannot be what we want to be even on our best days. At times we find ourselves being the "good" man and at other times we find ourselves being the "bad" man but always we convey that we are simply mortal men;
Mortal men with a need for an immortal God.
Where man presents problems,
God presents promises.
This is praiseworthy.
Here's a list of provoking realities that exist between God and man from A to Z.
Consider which "one" you are placing your trust in and make adjustments accordingly.
Perhaps you will be compelled to create a list of your own.
Man accuses; Christ accepts. (Eph.1:6)
Man betrays; Christ befriends. (John 15:15)
Man condemns; Christ commends. (Rom.5:8)
Man destroys; Christ delivers. (Rom.8:21)
Man entraps; Christ engages. (Gal.5:1)
Man forsakes; Christ forgives. (Eph.1:7)
Man grieves; Christ gladdens. (Ps.16:11)
Man hurts; Christ heals. (Ex.15:26)
Man isolates; Christ identifies. (Heb.2:17)
Man jades; Christ justifies. (Rom.8:34)
Man kills; Christ knits. (Ps.139:13)
Man lies; Christ loves. (Rom.8:39)
Man marginalizes; Christ mobilizes. (Is.41:10)
Man is needy; Christ is necessary. (2Cor.5:17)
Man ostracizes; 
Christ orchestrates. (Jer.10:23)
Man perverts; Christ purifies. (1Jn.3:3)
Man questions; Christ qualifies. (Jn.10:28)
Man rebels; Christ redeems. (Is.48:17)
Man sins; Christ saves. (Acts 4:12)
Man trembles; Christ triumphs. (Col.2:15)
Man uses; Christ unifies. (Eph.4:13)
Man is vicious; Christ is victorious. (1Cor.15:57)
Man is wicked; Christ is worthy. (Rev.5:12)
Man exacts; Christ exalts. (James 4:10)
Man is yellow; Christ is yearning. (1Tim.2:4)
Man zigs ...
And Christ zealously zags. (Jn.10:10)
From A to Z God contends with man and contrasts his problems with His promises.
The better you know Him,
The firmer you'll stand.
Look to the Lord, look to His word, and be healed
"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last."
Revelation 22:13
And ...
"I am the Lord, and there is none else; there is no God beside me."
Isaiah 45:5