By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Be prepared for a bit of humor, dear reader, as I share lines spoken to me by loved ones.
Here's a small compilation:
-I wish I had your passion without your problems.
-I wish I had your confidence without your conflicts.
-I wish I had your courage without your crisis.
-I wish I had your depth without your pain.
-I wish I had your beauty without your brokenness.
-I wish I had your body without the exercise.
-I wish I had your transparency without your truths.
-I wish I had your walk with God without the past that's forged it.
-I wish I had your gifts without your griefs.
-I wish I had your heart without your heartaches.
-I wish I had your character without the development.
Hmmm ... me too.
We affirm, with readiness, the favorable qualities; we want them, desire them, and even pray for them.
But pronounced qualities are often qualified through pronounced trials. The most beautiful traits are fostered and forged, generally, through the most disagreeable and staunch trials, struggles, and disciplines.
None of us are standing in line begging God for these.
Hmmm ...
I become more and more convinced that the most beautiful and observable awareness of God springs from "brokenness" before man which is lifted up to God.
God beautifies through brokenness.
This is where God's presence most magnificently displays itself;
This is where God's glory stands unquestionably unquestioned.
It is God and God alone who sufficiently survives and revives a testimony out of our brokenness for His glory alone.
It is for God's glory alone that we pass through the other side of our "Red Sea" struggle and see His hand drawing back the tide with a single word.
It is of Him and through Him;
It is for Him and too Him,
His glory is observed.
God has so much to do with our brokenness, dear reader, and so little to do with our "perceived" greatness.
He doesn't need any of the latter ... and He's interested in engaging with the former.
Brokenness is about a removal of pride, position, rank, and perception.
Brokenness is about accepting the truest realities about ourselves,
And coming to terms with who we are ... apart from God.
It's also about coming to terms and accepting who we are "with" God.
Brokenness is our greatest strength, asset, and ally.
When we become comfortable with its presence in our lives, and make it our work to expose it instead of hide it, God reveals Himself through our lives and does something very special with us.
For the glory of God alone ...
The broken become beautiful.
"He hath made everything beautiful in His time ..."
Ecclesiastes 3:11