By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Sam Colt pulled the trigger ...
and patented an invention which would make his "shot" be heard around the world.
"At the age of twenty-one, Sam Colt decided to patent the idea he'd been toying with for years: the repeating revolver. It made a singular technical advance;
what may seem obvious to us now:
rather than relying on five barrels, Colt's invention had a rotating cylinder that came into alignment with a single barrel. When cocked for firing, the next chamber revolved automatically to bring the next shot into line with the barrel. The gun included a locking pawl to keep the cylinder in line with the barrel, and a percussion cap that made it more reliable than any other gun available dominant mechanism of American weapons. The patent protected Colt's fundamental ideas until 1857, by which time he was enormously wealthy and world famous.
Colt would sell the Walker, Dragoon, and the Navy models. But it was the Single Action Army, more famously known as the "Peacemaker" that would embody his legacy. An elegant gun with a practical and streamlined design, it took on near mythological status not merely because of its easy use but because of the legendary men who claimed to shoot it. The first model gun had a solid frame that weighed around three pounds, a .45-caliber with a 7.5 inch barrel, blued steel, and an oil stained walnut grip. It was soon made one of the most popular guns ever made. In 1872, the Army's Ordinance Board would adopt it for service."
-David Harsanyl
It should be noted that Sam Colt's primary goal was to put an affordable, life-preserving tool in the hand of every American civilian. He turned his goal into a "patented reality" via mail and on sale for $17.00 and watched the realization of his goal translate itself into unimaginary and extraordinary success!
"Place a revolver in the hand of a dwarf ... and he is equal to a giant."
-Sam Colt

While the Second Amendment granted the right to bear arms;
 it was Sam Colt who gave every American the opportunity to purchase them.
Hats off and triggers "pulled" on Sam's explosive success!
Nothing but admiration and applause hails from my spirit.
Sam Colt enlightens, inspires, and empowers adventurous individuals.
He's the "shot" heard around the world and the daring adventurist who tells us to lay claim to our own dreams in an effective and visible way.
Pull the trigger on "your" dreams and patent your own reality, my friend.
Anticipate and experience explosive fruition!
Now's the time ...
Pull the trigger.