By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

A book of interest could be written of the wondrous things that occur on my daily walk.
I call them "God intersections" and find them my steady companions.
Yesterday, while I was nearing the completion of my first mile lap, I found myself on the tail of an elderly woman who was slowly plodding behind a neon blue fancy walker. My love and regard for the elderly prompted a gentle tap on her shoulder with a "Good afternoon, sweet Miss," when I passed by. She chuckled and returned my greeting.
On my second round, she appeared before me again, but this time waving her arms about and calling out for me.
Obviously, something was wrong.
My gait turned into a run and I quickly approached her,
"I was looking for you. I knew you would help me. It seems I've lost my way," she said.
Hmmm ...
My caregiving skills kicked in.
"You are winded and you need to sit down on your 'walker bench' and rest a spell," I asserted.
While she rested, we visited, and I knew while I listened to her that she was only temporarily disoriented. She had chosen a new path which had disoriented her and brought her to an unfamiliar street, and she lived several blocks away in a lovely home for "Seniors."
Since Marly was sure that I was an Angel (she sincerely did,) she shared some very interesting details about her life before we stood to make our trek home together.
After no more than a dozen steps and another necessary "breathing stop," I told her we were both going to enjoy a "first" memory together.
I told her to remain seated on the walker and I pulled her all the way home on her walker.
She was looking backward while I was pulling her and walking forward.
It worked amazingly and was comparable to pulling a child in a wagon.
For long limbs and an arm that acted like a wagon extension, I am grateful.
God must have known I was going to need one to pull Marly.
The thing that blessed me most about the "ride" home was her laughter and her words,
"Sweet Angel, I've never had a ride like this in all my life. I'll never forget you. I don't know how to thank you."
Mmmm ...
I delivered her safely and soundly to her home, hugged her, and prayed over her and took the opportunity to bless her.
She loved it.
She was all the more certain I was an Angel on account of my prayer and distinct unusual name which she kept repeating under her breath in order to relive the "supernatural" happenings of the day.
And my day was made beautiful ...
 By Marly.
My new friend Marly will have an "Angel" visitor this week and she will learn I'm just a little "me" and not an Angel at all.
One beautiful individual at a time,
We intersect others and have the power to make a beautiful difference.
For every Marly needing a pull;
God be praised.
Love gently.