By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

We just never know what faces we'll meet and what places will complete our experience of adventure.
Ask my spouse for a "hot spot" on the adventure trail and he'll likely choose the "Purple Pie Palace." Ask how we happened upon this divine dessert eatery and we'll integrate it deliciously into our last adventure out to the Hills.
Some weeks ago an adventure was ours which included a hike up Black Elk, a journey into Jewel Cave, and a scenic drive through Custer. Central to our desires was a certain little city named Custer, population 1,987.
In and of itself Custer is entirely insignificant but due to its prime location and centrality to significant sites like Black Elk and other famed places including Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Wind and Jewel Cave, and Sturgis, it carries weight by capitalizing on large scale tourism sites around itself.
An overnight in Custer was ours for accommodating purposes and served us wonderfully.
After an explosive day of exploration and a scenic drive through the Needles Passage in Custer (remember my massive Buffalo sighting some "Words" ago,) we entertained ourselves with a retiring evening ride through downtown Custer.
This is when we spotted "it."
A purple little eatery with a long line of people extending from its doors met our eyes.
Evidently it was worth stopping for.
We parked our car, poked our heads in, and decided it was worth the wait.
We made the right choice!
If ever a place served a more mouth-watering homemade pie and ice cream, we haven't found it.
Oustanding. Exceptional. Edible. Mouth-watering. Delicio!!
Yum, yum, and yum!
Three "oinks" to the humorous pigs (statues) standing watch near the entrance. We now know what they're doing there.
Mmmm ...
It was so spectacular, my friend, that my spouse declared it a trip worthy of five hours and deemed it an adequate compensation for "my" relentless adventurist spirit.
From here on out, all future exploits and adventures to the Hills, will be diplomatically assigned around the PURPLE PIE PALACE.
A small degree of manipulation is sometimes condusive to the less adventurous I've learned ... and I"ve just found "me"self one.
One adventure has the possibility of leading us into other delicious adventures and linking us to new faces and places making the journey more memorable, wonderful, and edible.
Locate a new adventure and find yourself ...
 A "Purple Pie Palace."
Seize the pie.