By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

 The shower falls gentle and I must walk.
I lift my face toward the sky and feel the raindrops fall and mingle with my tears.
The pain still so raw at times,
So fresh,
So intense.
To know pain,
Grow familiar with it,
Derive a strange comfort within it.
A maturity mixed with emotion, gathering words at her core, and constructing conversation with God from them.
A free-falling, life-giving flow of intimate exchange occurring on my “rain-walk.”
Inaudible mercy falling soft,
Healing me.
The derivation of deep character is founded on the premise of deep pain.
I know this to be true …
I know God to be having His way with me.
The rain must fall,
And the tears soft, flow.
The mingling of the soul with mercy's rain ...
The Father's cleansing.