By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The experience of loss, betrayal, heartache, and hardship comes to each of us.
Developing a positive strategy for overcoming and counteracting difficulty and negativity is paramount to realizing success and living an energized and fulfilled life.
Six suggestions are supplied and, if applied, will produce positive and dramatic results.
Ready .. Set ... Grow!!
Writing is a concrete, practical, and intelligent practice resulting in positive long-term results. You don't need to be a "writer" to write, you need to be a "fighter" to write.
You have nothing to lose, everything to gain, and no cost involved!
Get out a pen and paper.
They exist ... so focus on them.
The purpose in identifying problems is to realize and appropriate solutions.
Record problems in small writing and solutions in large writing. Multiply solutions always! 
Develop the habit of concretely dealing with life's negatives and difficulties by confronting them openly, thoughtfully, and positively.
Refuse ALL negatives by flushing them out with positives.
Solutions only ... no exceptions allowed.
Enlist a time and date for experiences and activities you enjoy.
Excuses aren't energizing so don't use them.
Take advantage of freebies all around you if you're on a tight budget.
Enjoy parks, museums, art fairs, book clubs, hiking and biking paths, libraries, and your own backyard.
New activities spur life, spark energy, and produce movement.
Nurture your soul with healthy activities and invest in yourself!
Animals foster healing and restore feeling.
Invite one into your life.
A puppy might be a lot of work but contribute needed companionship, movement, and feeling into your life.
Animals are non-judgmental, touchable, and extremely therapeutic especially where deep trauma has occurred. If owning a pet isn't an option, consider a weekly trip to the Humane Society and begin a simple "walk" with one.
Get in touch with physical touch through a non-threatening activity; select your animal of choice and reintroduce feeling and healing into your life.
Touch and unconditional acceptance are positive and powerful life-giving forces.
Intersect an animal.
Refuse companions of negativity and surround yourself with positive and uplifting individuals and resources.
The company you keep, or don't keep, is "your" responsibility ... so assume it.
If you don't like your companions, remember you're "one" of them, and adjust yourself accordingly.
Engage with individuals who challenge you to see your best and be your best. Rub shoulders with new faces by situating yourself in new places.
Give yourself a "positivity" makeover.
Give yourself over to an individual, movement, or activity you find meaningful. Nurture a healthy attitude by contributing energy, time, and thoughtfulness to an exposed need.
Expend energy productively and positively and expand your horizons wonderfully in doing so. Volunteering promotes and enables a positive mindset and produces an energizing relief and release.
Explore the needs of others around you and give of yourself.
The options are endless.
It's time to move; it's time to go.
Ready .. Set ... Grow!