By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

-A black and white beautiful badger.
-A fluffy fox pup curled up by the side of the road.
-A bright and brilliant red cardinal in my backyard.
-A trio of delicate deer within five feet.
-A woodchuck seated on the sidewalk.
These five "sightings" in five days were mine.
I should absolutely say so.
Each one appeared in broad daylight, in the middle of the day, where they did not belong.
Each one spoke to me of the glory of God.
The "sightings" were God ordained and delightful to His child,
And of Him I shall only record my praise.
The originality and resourceful ability by which God has chosen to reveal Himself to me heightens, encourages, and implores me to press into prayer to an intensely higher degree.
You must see with me and know with me, dear reader, that each of these "sightings" was a direct manifestation, visible token, and "answer" to a prayer I had prayed.
While the prayer remains private,
The precise ordaining and timing of these moments with these creatures was absolutely wondrous.
What a beautiful holy wonder,
My creative Father.
My husband made the interesting observation that he believes I witness "more" of God because I ask more from God and I look for more from God continually.
Hmmm ...
Whether this is true or not I cannot say, for I believe that each of us has a unique and distinct communion with God that bears originality and a decided "differentness."
I only implore that you pray to God in a playful manner that asserts and suggests more than wants, whims, and mundane "typical" requests heard from typical pew sitters and church-goers on a Sunday morning.
Make it your goal to not sound like the voice beside you and around you.
Pour forth praise to God from a soul decidedly different than all the rest and expose yourself to a God who wants to "undo" you with fresh discoveries.
Don't settle for a weak version or a dim visibility of God.
Go after Him,
Fall in love with Him,
Rediscover Him.