By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Let's take your RQ.
Which response best identifies "you" in relation to risk?
A) Risk is a word that spells out danger to me. I do my best to avoid it.
B) Risk is an essential part of journey. I don't necessarily encourage and welcome it but I recognize a value in it.
C) My tail wags at the word "risk." I encourage, welcome, and engage in experiences that involve risk on a continual basis.
Risk-taking is essential for growth, progress, and adventure.
A strong RQ leads to a charged LQ (life quotient.)
You don't have to like it but you do have to take it if you're going to live life to the full. Risk is a strategic and essential necessity for experiencing energy release, ingenuity, imagination, exploration, and even heroism.
The soul willing to take risk will achieve extraordinary and uncommon goals.
Reflect on any arena of life and any quality assigned to an individual composed of extraordinary achievement and see whether or not this is true:
 Harriet Tubman. Helen Keller. Abraham Lincoln. Frederick Douglass. Thomas Edison. Michelangelo. Pablo Picasso. Eli Whitney. Alexander Fleming. Steve Jobs.
Can you name an individual who achieved much without risking much?
Do tell ... I'll catalog it.
Inspiring, challenging, endearing, and enduring individuals have a strong RQ.
Recurring themes of rejection, resistance, and ridicule are part of the "risk package" and the risk-taking individual knows this.
Perhaps this is what makes them so extraordinary, liberating, and beautiful!
Strengthen your RQ and explore some new possibilities.
Step into risk-taking adventures:
+Invite a stranger to coffee with a desire to learn about their vocation or an area that interests them. This habit is absolutely delightful and charged wtih anticipation, exhilaration, and growth.
Just yesterday I sat down with a Burger King employee and learned a great deal about the food chain industry while making a new friend.
+Take a tour of a local business and see what goes on behind closed doors.
Google "tours of area businesses" and make discoveries!
+Pick up a book in the library on a subject you know nothing about and explore it in concrete ways.
+Join a book, hiking, or exercise club with the goal of meeting new people and discovering new interests.
+You're not "it."
Make your life bigger than yourself and your own interests and explore how to better the lives of others through volunteering and helping others in new ways.
Get out there ... for "risk" sake!
A strong RQ displays itself in "confident" vulnerability.
Don't be afraid to show your true colors.
Express curiosity, simplicity, playfulness, and childlike wonder and be quick to admit all you don't know in order to learn what you'd like to know.
 You'll come out right every time ... and you'll have fun!
Individuals composed of a healthy RQ visit and explore endless possibilities, options, and ideas.
Growth. Exploration. Advancement. Innovation. Intelligence. Liberation. Adventure.  Experiential wisdom. Expansion. Achievement.
These are traits possessed by those with a high RQ.
Take a risk,
 join the group ...
and expand your life.
What's your RQ?