By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Sandpaper - Paper with sand or another abrasive stuck to it; used for smoothing or polishing woodwork or other surfaces.
God is a "Sandpaper God."
With unrelenting fervor and in fervent motion, He rubs the soul in a steady unrelenting fashion and does not relinquish His job to another.
Rubbing with a mission that speaks to progress without permission God gets the job done in our lives:
Securing the soul with a promised outcome of conformity to His Son, He refuses our resistance, ignores our refusals, and sets Himself to work on our hardened souls.
It's a painful, sometimes hateful process, but it must be done.
-Sometimes the sandpaper feels like it's brushing against nothing but raw nerves and the "ends" of the soul are exposed to a most brutal kind of pain that makes the soul believe it may pass out or lose consciousness.
-Sometimes the soul is convinced the sandpaper isn't needed and it works to resist the brushing and rubbing movement.
But still the Sandpaper God moves on.
He ushers in abrasive individuals, abrasive struggles, abrasive circumstances all in an effort to conform an abrasive soul and make it soft.
The unpleasant abrasiveness of the sandpaper's temporal effects secures a long term sought after softness that the Sandpaper God loves.
Sandpaper is a soul-scraper,
Sandpaper is a soul maker;
Whereby God shows His steady love.
The Sandpaper God loves you and He's working to soften you.
Listen ...
Hear the sound,
Of the soul being sanded.