By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

"If you were to look in the dictionary under your name, what would it say?"
-Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins asks a delicious question which prompts a delicious answer!
How do we define ourselves?
How do we display ourselves?
How do we live?
Imagination. Exploration. Adventure. Dreams.
 Desires. Goals. Ambitions.

The quality of these words lies in their life-giving attributes.
The question to ask is whether these words define "you."
Individuals possessed with these traits are empowering and energizing,
and individuals void of them are in the very throes of death even while they live.
Imagination-less. Exploration-less. Adventure-less. 
Dream-less. Desire-less. Goal-less. Ambiton-less.
I can't imagine such a dreadful life composed of such lifeless descriptives and I hope you can't either!
Let not a single word in this list be said of you.
No physical threat or disease is more debilitating than even one of these!
Today's rejuvenating questions should put a little "zip in your zap" and a little "tip in your tap".
Have a go and have some fun with me!
If you were an animal ... what skin would you wear?
If you were a book ... what would be your title?
If you were a sport ... what would be your arena?
If you were a verb ... what would be your action?
If you were a dream ... how colorful would you be?
If you were a vehicle ... what would be your make?
If you were a Bible character ... whose life would define you?
Delicious questions provoke delicious answers and provide us with curious and interesting revelations.
I'll get you going with a reminder that tomorrow's spots will likely change but isn't this part of the fun of it?
Mmmm ...
+Animal talk: Today I'd be a seal "zippered in zeal" and wearing great fun.
+My book title would be "Seven Shades of Adventure."
+A hiking conquest composed of landscape variation would be my sporting arena.
+ENERGIZING would be my verb.
 +A neon-rainbowed dream would span the blue of sky.
+A Vanilla Cadillac would escort me under its arch.
+Deborah would ride boldy and valiantly on horse and scoop me up beside her.
My answers speak to energy, adventure, and life.
What do your answers speak?
Look yourself up in a dictionary ...
Define your identity.