By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The tears flow ...
In a torrent and vulnerable display of the soul's true condition.
I don't attempt to wipe them away from my friend;
I touch the tears ...
And apply them to my own face.
They are real.
Somehow, they are a tangible evidence to me of a pain being effectively transmitted to me, that I am able to touch.
And I wish to participate.
-The desire to feel and experience the pain of another is growing more important to me.
-The desire to identify and discover the truth of another is becoming emphatically more important to me, more developed in me ... no matter what that truth might be.
The most tangible trait of the love of Christ at work within us is the ability to identify and apply grace to the souls which are around us.
The exchange of truth and grace is a powerful thing.
Shaped by tears,
The soul is touched ...
And made real in Christ.