By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

As I believed ... so it became.
Yesterday's prophecy became a steady fulfillment.
Opportunities seemed everywhere, options seemed unlimited, and resources expanded exponentially.
How can it be ... but that the thing I believed came to be.
+Magnificent people connections were made.
+New discoveries and networking options availed themselves.
+Words germinated.
+Intelligence, insight, and challenge was provoked at every turn.
+Menial tasks were passionately embraced.
I lived life and loved it to the full.
The day, in and of itself, was quite ordinary BUT the mindset I'd chosen to accompany it was extraordinary.
It made all the difference.
Identify yourself with the identity God has ordained you with, my friend.
If you can't see it for yourself; employ and engage yourself with hopeful "minds" that help you see and explore the endless possibilities all about you.
Put to use every providence which intersects you.
Consider daily providences as God's preferred provisions to "you" and read His love language in a personal and intimate way through them.
This will change you.
Passionately embrace the exchanges and interactions which meet you and treat them as though God Himself was engaging you.
A life of discovery, adventure, and confidence awaits all who yield to this practice.
Quite recently an individual was exclaiming over the curious and fortunate providences attending me. My husband made a notable and interesting observation.
"It's not so much that Darrelyn is privy to special sightings and encounters with God as the fact that she's looking for them and more quickly identifies them as such."
Yes, indeed, this saying is true and the secret is out.
Identify and embrace today's providences;
and grow familiar with the hand that's ushering them in.
Then share your secret ...
"As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is."
Proverbs 23:7