She Has a Name

According to the website, "She Has A Name began in 2011 as a community of Christ followers burdened for victims of human trafficking. Members of Veritas Community Church created the ministry to help fund Christ-centered anti-human trafficking efforts by selling t-shirts. Over the next few years, She Has A Name became a vessel for money and awareness to flow to the abolitionist community; strengthening it and funding vital services." Veritas Community Church is located in Columbus, Ohio.

The organization exists to give hope and restoration to survivors while helping them to start fresh in new lives. She Has a Name recognizes that all people have areas of brokenness in their lives, and that for these women, hearing the message of the Gospel, while also receiving the physical and emotional support they need to enter their new lives is an essential part of their healing process. The ministry also offers a connection point for members of the Christian community to rally together to lift up and help these women, truly showing the love of Christ in tangible ways.

One of the larger events that She Has a Name uses to promote awareness of sex trafficking is their annual Night of Hope. The event has traditionally been used to bring awareness to the community, as well as to raise funds to support partner groups in their efforts to aide these women. This year, however, their was a deeper emphasis on bringing "...service providers, caregivers, survivors, members of the faith community, and others to unite under one theme - that amidst the darkness of human trafficking, we have hope in Jesus Christ. The event, consisting of spoken word, a panel discussion, prayer, and, worship raised $1300 in t-shirt sales & donations for My Sister's Place! We're proud to support the transformation of lives through gospel-centered sober housing for women in transition."

Here is the perspective of Pastor Nick Nye, talking about this years Night of Hope:

"It’s not often where leaders in the larger church community come together for anything, but the stakes are high when it comes to fighting sex trafficking in Columbus. Not only did we come as Christians representing our churches and agencies but we all came as abolitionists with a real hope to end sex trafficking. David Schermerhorn and his team with She Has A Name have done a real work to gather and mobilize rookie abolitionist and veterans to pray for God to end the fight. We are not daydreaming to think it will end with us, so we turned to our God who cares more for justice than we ever could. Jesus Christ, God’s Son was sold, abused and died on a cross to satisfy a cosmic injustice for broken abolitionists and is now the greatest abolitionist who fights for us and with us. The Night of Hope reminded us of this great reality. — Nick Nye | Lead Pastor, Veritas Community Church."


If you are interested in learning more about She Has a Name, or any of their partner organizations that are also providing aid to survivors of sex trafficking, please check out their website and blog!