By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Meet my two beautiful daughters on either side of me.

Daughter Hannah is to my left and Jess to my right.
The photo was taken while on a vacation to Texas less than a year ago. We visited Magnolia Market (Chip and Joanne Gaines) and experienced a place, we three, that Jess had always wanted to visit.
This photograph was a special gift from Magnolia, given me by my daughters upon our return. I didn't recall the photo being taken so it's extra special.
Love it!
The trip was sensational and the memories were beautiful all the way home and to this day.
Mmmm ...
Like many of your daughters, mine are complete opposites and yet share a beautiful and distinguished "sisterhood."
They use the word "sister" for one another in place of their names and this name coining has been theirs ever since I can remember. It never fails to amuse me.
"Sister, pay attention when I'm talking please."
"Sister, let's not act that way." Ha.
On and on goes the sister talk ... and I never grow tired of listening.
The girls are spaced five years apart (rounding up,) and we all know what five years apart looks like in the formative, early growing-up years and with hormones thrown into the mix.
Still, they shared a special relationship back then which has carried over into today, enhanced dramatically by age, shared memories, experiences, and sacred sister secrets.
They are very close friends.
But let this mom now remember some early years and distinguishings:
+Hannah was a voracious reader, an independent thinker, and a remarkable scholar since childhood. She inhaled and devoured books. Loved libraries. Displayed strong organizational skills. She was an A+ student who struggled with an A- and always exceeded academic expectation.
Internally motivated, Hannah was dependable, responsible, and mature for her years. A list maker and goal attainer, she liked things done in a concrete, systematic way and checking things off a list agreed with her.
Generally the list would include little sister Jessica:
Play 20 minutes today with Jessica in the playhouse.
 +Jessica was a delicious little dramatic sort. Her imagination was off the charts and she created and favored imaginary "worlds" over words. She created an almost believable scene and set of "Little House on the Prairie" in our backyard. She lived in her playhouse, and back and forth she would resolutely walk from her playhouse to the "neighbors" house through the trees and forest in her favorite long burgundy dress and gloves, and the company of her own incessant chatter.
I can see her yet ... from the window.
She would tidy the house, love her babies, and prepare stew for the menfolk.
Her little friend Jacob was made to play the "man" role and usually wound up horsing around on the hay bales and forgetting it was time for supper.
Jessica loved movies and visual entertainment.
She also loved baking and cooking.
She could give Rachel Ray a run for her money and displayed an uncanny ability to "talk through" whatever she was doing while she was doing it. Supremely entertaining and hilarious beside, Jessica could concoct the most fanciful and wonderful stories ... and all from her delicious imagination.
Mmmm ...
Hannah and Jess shared a room together in younger years and I'm so glad of it.
Because ... in spite of their differences, they balanced one another out beautifully. Both entered the world of the other and both brought something beautiful to bear in the life of the other that was needful, helpful, and valuable.
Part of life, growth, and shared sisterhood.
Hannah brought a more studious and studied approach where Jess brought a more playful and imaginative approach.
It was their differences and not their commonalities which developed and refined their characters.
And now on to today ...
+Hannah continues a heavy discourse of reading, learning, and academia, thriving on new challenges and deriving satisfaction from completing, almost unattainable goals.
Ambitious. Intelligent. Challenging.
+Jessica continues an extraordinary life on the prairie. Her imagination literally swept her into her realities and she walked straight into them the day she met her life partner and  ranching husband Clate. Motherhood agrees beautifully with her and the provision of our beautiful first little grandson hails from her, with another soon to come.
Loving. Giving. Discerning.
My daughters are beautiful.
They text and talk almost daily,
and continue to weave the story of sisterhood together into their ever-changing lives.
Together ... they're beautiful.
And all this talk lets you know, my friend, that "we three" are soon to be together again.
A reunion is to be ours even while you read this.
Oh, to be a mother and enjoy the "Sisterhood".
And soon the words ...
"Sister, I've missed you."
"A sister is worth a thousand friends."