By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Early mornings and cold showers.
Nature and sensory experiences.
Exercise and brisk speedwalks.
Reading and infinate mental exploration.
God and His tender mercies.
Yes ... to the energizing, affirmative response to all that is pro-active, productive, and positive!
If you're an individual skilled with the power of observation, you'll note that my selections  compose the word acrostic "ENERGY."
These are the six "wonders" that produce energy in me;
these are the "wonders" deemed proactive, life-sustaining, and rejuvenating to me,
and the word "energy" is all by itself an energizing term to me.
Every day I optimize these specific six forces of energy by translating them into meaningful activities and employing them strategically and concretely throughout the day.
 I utilize their strengths and allow them to prop me up with resilient, energizing qualities that fortify my character and serve as life-enhancing developers in my life.
You can do the same!
Allow your mind to wander and utilize your imagination.
What are your wonders, I wonder?
What words, activities, thoughts, and themes energize and appeal to you?
Create an uplifting acrostic with your own "word" selection and integrate activities through it. Seize one delicious word that delivers energy to you and develop a community of resources and reserves within it.
Then attack it, enjoy it,foster it, savor it, flavor it with the seasoning of activity,
and look for ways to define and creatively employ it in your life.
Make the word come alive through meaningful activation!
When we translate empowering words into verbs and don't allow them to become stationary nouns, life becomes fantastically enriching, powerful, and productive in every area.
Select your word and employ it with strategy.
If you need help,
give me "your" word and I promise to employ you with forceful and resourceful activity.
Live your words ...
and love the life you live.