By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

When the offering plate is passed on a Sunday morning, I give God what I have regardless of how small it looks. Quarters, dimes, nickles and little coppers are rounded up and plopped joyfully into the sacred plate. Sometimes my wallet boasts larger dollar bills which I cheerfully put in ... but generally not.
My husband takes care of the weightier tithing practice leaving me to the enjoyable "small change" children's practice.
It's been life changing.
Years ago I would have felt myself beneath this "undignified" act but today I derive a curious pleasure in it.
A few provoking insights learned through "small change".
1) "Small change" has the ability to create substantial change in the heart.
 2) "Small change" signifies childlike trust and simple dependence on the Lord.
3) "Small change" speaks to a growing humility and greater degree of intimacy with Christ.
4) "Small change" looks to God and expects great change in response.
Some of life's biggest lessons are learned through "small change".
Pass the plate ...
and expect Him to do something big with it.