By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The same difficulty that destroys one defines another.
The same calamity that befalls and embitters one bolsters and ignites another.
The same heartache that negatively characterizes one positively elevates another.
Scenarios to consider:
Steve and Bill both watched their mentally ill father take his life. Both boys were subject to extraordinary, senseless grief and both boys made extremely different choices in how they dealt with the grief. Bill set up short and long-term shelter in a local tavern in town and never ventured further than his drink. Steve reached out to a Counselor, moved away, and worked himself into a lucrative business career.
Sarah and Susan worked at a large financial firm that went bankrupt. Both women lost their respective positions and financial security overnight. Sarah became angry, embittered, and ugly with a lingering attitude of injustice dominating her life and attitude to the end. Susan bumbled and fumbled along with an initial sequestered fear that paralzyed her but, in the end, resulted in securing her with financial resources which stabilized, educated, and helped her through a distressing financial season. Susan took on employment at a small firm which paid successful dividends down the road. She also began volunteering at the same resource center which had helped her to recover. She's one of the most financial savvy, compassionate, and helpful individuals you'll ever meet.
How we respond to difficulty, and not the difficulty itself, defines the man:
+Successful individuals do not deny or distance themselves from difficulty and distress but subject themselves to an education of it.
+ Successful individuals do not mask difficulty, they master it.
+Successful individuals do not deny difficulty but claim personal responsibility for it.
Do successful individuals lose sleep at night and experience the same weariness and weakness that the unsuccessful do?
Absolutely and you bet.
BUT ...
Successful individuals respectively draw from healthy resources around them in order to better themselves and others in the process. In applying a successful, systematic, strategic mindset to difficulties they become successful themselves.
Instead of giving up, they get up.
Instead of despairing, they develop empathy and caring.
Instead of griping, they assess and evaluate.
Instead of condemnation, they supply themselves with an education, and become wiser, more discerning, and more helpful to others.
Successful individuals apply a working process and dose of bettering themselves hourly, daily, weekly to their decision-making until it becomes second nature and part of a new life.
And it looks good on them.
Success usally does.
Success is simply ... a soft and pliable soul made wise and strong.