By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

It feels splendid to be "whisked away" and thrown into a surprise.
Such began my Valentine's morning ...
Straight off of Phillips Avenue in downtown Sioux Falls,
104 West 12th,
and in through the doors of Josiah's Coffeehouse, my dear husband escorted me and encouraged me to indulge ... and I did.
A delightful "housing" of everything delicious and good attended me.
Is there anything so wondrous, my mind wonders, as a good coffeehouse to convey a sensational indulgence and splurge?
I think not.
Mmmm ....
The smell of freshly roasted coffee and robust, rich beans intoxicating  the air.
The appealing warmth of color, painting, writing, and "just right" lighting absorbed in texturized, character-filled walls.
Fresh pastries, rolls, and tantalizing deserts lined up in mouth watering succession in a glass case.
Cheesy omelets, syrupy waffles, and buttery pancakes spilling over on plates with mounds of hashbrowns, sausage, and bacon, topped off by buttery, jellied toast distributed by cheerful workers, pleasant smiles, and engaging individuals.
Mmm ...
Gosh, but I'm getting hungry all over again and I find myself reflectively thankful.
It's a very celebratory experience to be known, to be loved, and to be pampered, spoiled, and indulged in.
It's worth rehearsing, remembering, and taking snapshots of (special shot on the Contact.)
Rejuvenating. Refreshing. Restorative.
Delicious with a capital "D" and throw "me" in.
Do something celebratory today with someone, my friend.
Be spontaneous.
Be generous.
Indulge someone in a wondrously, special way.
Make someone feel loved because it's in your power to do it.
Enjoy your spouse to the full, but then slather someone else with a tangible goodness also.
It's such a cheerful thing to be and do, and none but you can prevent it.
Mmmm ...
There's love in the air, in the way that we care for one another.
-Happy Valentine's Day-