By: Darrelyn L .Tutt

This past week I began a one month membership at a fitness club and two days into it I am already appreciating the value of it.
1) Safety from the elements, from unseen slippery patches, and from men observant of my routine are all significant favorable factors derived with immediacy in a membership.
2) Access to different forms and types of activities, which I might not try otherwise are at my disposal and can be utilized whenever I wish.
I've found the rowing machine to be a "sure fit" and a perfect match for my exercise regime, and it will now become a fixed part of my routine to follow my necessary speedwalk on the treadmill.
3) Monitoring my pace, time, and intensity are excellent contributions to my workout which I find to be internal motivational factors which invoke and spark energized exhilaration in me.
Mmmm ...
On all accounts, a willingness to invest in something new and try something new affords and adjusts itself into thoughts that think something new.
This is what I love most about change.
Open yourself up to new discoveries ...
And experience renewal.
And here I find a certainty,
That where I deeply grow;
The elements of change replace,
 The comforts ... that I know.

-Darrelyn L.