By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

I don't throw parties and I'm not big on attending them but  ... I'll make an exception if the consultant or party-thrower happens to be a loved one.
This was the case several weeks ago when I hosted my first-ever "online" Norwex party via Facebook for my new "Consultant" daughter Jessica.
No one was more surprised by the end results than yours truly:
+I had a blast hosting and I wasn't expecting to. In truth, I simply desired to bless my daughter, support her, and help the news spread about her new business venture. In reality ... I had the best time ever without the responsibility of the marketing and consulting end. It was a perfect partnership and an extremely energizing experience.
+An education about online hosting and group gatherings was provided me.
I'll confess that, early on, I was nervous and overwhelmed about hosting an online party. No matter how much my daughters tried to reassure me that I'd have fun once I got started and that it was very basic and simple, I couldn't get my mind around it.
Until "I" did it!
This is definitely the way to host parties in the 21st century.
It's a breeze and it's customer convenient.
+I gained a valuable education on the Norwex product which I found to be valuable, practical, and useful ... and which made marketing the product very comfortable and easy for me. Norwex isn't a frivolous and unnnecessary product but a daily, useful, and essential one; it's also chemical-free which makes it a huge marketing hit in today's chemical-conscious society. The product truly sells itself and my enthusiasm and passion didn't hurt anything either. Ha.
The Norwex "silky" (my term for the reading-glass silk "handkerchief" and cell phone swiper) was photographed and exclaimed by me from the first day and forward.
Guess what purchase was the top seller?
Everyone included the "doable" $20 item in their final purchase.
Hmmm ...
My daughter and I enjoyed an extraordinary "sales" success together and were perfect "partners in dime" at the end of it.
And I'm reminded:
In trying something new, we learn something new, and our lives are made better in the process.
Beautiful news indeed.
Don't say no, just have a go ...
And see what comes.
Welcome something new into your life today.