By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

They told me not to expect much.
Possibly a word or two.
Maybe nothing.
It's my second visit to my new friend.
She's seated in a haphazard position in her wheelchair;
hair a bit wild and the remains of a meal decorating her sweater.
She's licking her chocolate-covered fingers and appears to be hiding a suspiciously sweet and questionable morsel on her lap which is covered by a colored lapthrow
Hmmm ...
I tease her about it, chuckle, and give her a great big hug.
She follows me with her eyes and gifts me with the first five beautiful words of the day:
"I knew you'd be back."
And I love her.
+I tell her about my week in playful tones and theatrical animation.
+Read a devotional from a large print "Daily Bread" with meaningful and enthusiastic gusto.
+Sing off tune to her and beg her to help me.
+Pray with her and ask for requests.
+Wheel her into the dining room and play the piano.
My friend closes her eyes and allows the music to take her somewhere beautiful and far away.
She's pleased.
So am I.
I wheel her back into her room and feel her eyes staring hard at me;
not just a darting glance but a gazing, blazing, burrowing sort.
We look into our large "blue-eyed" likeness and I can see she's "hard-at-work" thinking.
"You've got a lot going on in your mind;
what is it you're thinking?" I ask.
She retains a silent gaze for several minutes.
Then she speaks four words, one word at a time:
"You ...
 are ...
 very ...

She smiles. She's pleased.
 So am I.
 I cry.
Sometimes there aren't words ... and I think my friend understands.
I hug her tight and say good-bye;
soon we'll be together again.
Love heals, empowers, and provokes.
The message in Easter.
Jesus takes us to far away places ...
Somewhere beautiful.