By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Sarah and I meet over a quiet and meaningful cup of coffee.
Before "branding" her mug with her signature red lips, she sets her Caramel Mocha down, bows her head, and totally and unexpectedly begins to cry.
Theses aren't the kind of tears that one swabs at and gently wipes away;
these are the kind of tears that cascade like a torrential downpour down the face and convulse the entire body.
These are the kind of tears that speak to a deep pain,
suppressed and compressed for too long,
and then suddenly let go.
Trembling hands cover a beautiful and photogenic face.
Brunette hair truffles get pushed to the side.
 Shoulders heave dramatically.
And beauty doesn't matter.
 "Nothing is really quite what it seems," Sarah says.
"My marriage isn't as good as it looks on Facebook.
My business venture is not as lucrative as my Instagram announces.
My creativity isn't flowing like my Pinterest suggests.
My life is a blood-letting mess of meaningless chatter and shallow undertaking,
 and nobody really knows me at all."
Hmmm ...
We spend several hours together,
Sarah and I.
Over a cup of coffee and a three hour uninterrupted, intimate exchange, our souls converge and we become "real" with one another and entirely engaged.
-There are no swipes on the phone.
-There are no "excuse me" moments.
-There are no sensory distractions.
There is just good, clean, honest, pure conversation between two grown up friends that need each other and require the "presence" of one another.
And for this moment and for this friendship I am grateful.
There's value in coming together and assigning "media" to its proper place.
 Sarah and I had agreed to leave our phones behind ... no exceptions or excuses allowed. We agreed to be fully engaged and present with one another and, because of this decision, our conversation, conduct, and "coming together" was altered entirely and considerably for the better.
I'm going to enjoy more of these times with more of my friends.
I'm going to splurge on reconnecting by insisting on disconnecting ...
and invite you to engage with me in true presence.