By: Darrelyn L .Tutt

Fascinating little spandex factoid:
"The development of spandex was started during World War II. At this time, chemists took on the challenge of developing synthetic replacements for rubber. Two primary motivating factors prompted their research. First, the war effort required most of the available rubber for building equipment. Second, the price of rubber was unstable and it fluctuated frequently. Developing an alternative to rubber could solve both problems.
The first spandex fibers were produced on an experimental level by one of the early pioneers in polymer chemistry, Farbenfabriken Bayer. He earned a German patent for his synthesis in 1952. The final development of the fibers were worked out independently by scientists at Du Pont and the U.S. Rubber Company. Due Pont used the brand name Lycra and began full scale manufacture in 1962. They are currently the world leader in the production of spandex fibers."
-Perry Romanowski
 Spandex has now become a common fabric ingredient. It allows for moveability and mobility in thread while retaining "shapeability" in appearance.
It's a popular and effective thread woven into athletic gear and undergarments, supremely valued for its ability to provide contour and shape in a lightweight manner while maintaining a condusive flexibility for activity.
In shopping for hiking gear, I look for a certain percentage of spandex to be woven into it and appreciate its lightweight feel.
But there's a context to spandex which speaks beyond the material realm and into the personal realm to me:
I wish to be an individual composed of spandex.
I desire for my mind to be composed of a high percentage of hearty spandex ingredient,
 and for my soul to contain the glorious thread of elasticity called Lycra.
The difficulties and obstacles which paralyze, immobilize, and unravel so many,
I wish to be "spandexed" and "elasticized" by, in order to experience growth, resiliency, movement, possibility, and expandability.
I wish to be an adaptable individual composed of 100% supernatural spandex.
I crave minds which agree with redemptive and unhampered movement,
and souls expanded by the Spirit's elasticity.
To move in anything less is to forfeit empowerment of the Spirit's capability and activity ... at least in my mind.
Expandable. Stretchable. Durable. Moveable. Resilient.
Threads of the Spirit produce mobility.
Move with me ...
Experience spandex elasticity.