By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The world of Art has taken my soul by storm ... and I find myself drunk on the Sculptures.
I appreciate them, spend time with them, and find feeling and healing in them.
A small Spiral Index holder composed of more than 100 Sculptures and Sculptors in my own pen accompanies me everywhere. I have come to value what they have to offer and it is free.
Meet my beautiful "Spiral Dance."
What is it about "her" and the other Sculptures that makes them so magical?
Is it that they can be touched, kissed, and felt?
For I have done such things and more to the beautiful and noble pieces of Art welcoming me.
Is it that they convey a tangible sense and realization of dreams?
I have felt a curious and mysterious energy transmitted by a Sculpture's presence and the fostering of creative strength and force undeniably afterward.
Is it the magnetic appeal of the Sculptor which I feel?
Indeed, the minds of great men are felt within their great works and I leave them feeling satisfied, gratified, and somehow sustained.
Or is it simply that Art provokes feeling ...
and feeling brings healing?
Look at "Spiral Dance" and tell me if energy, motion, and movement doesn't flow from her and do something in you.

Spiral Dance
By: Harold Linke
Let me enhance your view of Sculptors, Harold Linke being one of them:
+Civil engineering, a welding background, and architectural design are common themes, threads, and "degrees" in a Sculptor's background.
+Knowledge of metal, stone, and clay are natural elements and "resonations" of a Sculptor's mind, and through them he forges, imagines, and creates a tangible, moldable, and forcible piece of Art.
+Originality, eccentricity, and creativity speak through a Sculpture and display the depths of the Sculptor's mind.
Through a Sculpture, a Sculptor is revealed;
the curtain is drawn back, and the soul is made to feel along with him.
And this provokes such a hold on me.
Captivating. Empowering. Forceful.
 If you walk down Phillips in Sioux Falls you should know in advance that the Sculptures are changed out annually and many of their works are commissioned and prized across the country and internationally.
Touch  them.
Feel them.
Get up close and personal to them.
And if you wish for a greater experience yet, allow me to energetically engage and encourage you to dreams of your own.
You were meant to dream and the Sculptures remind us!
*Harold Linke has extraordinary pieces of Art in the Columbine Gallery in Colorado and more than 1,000 pieces of Art on public and private display across the country. Look him up and appreciate his beautiful and creative energy.
Art is beautiful.