By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Different opportunities have been presented me;
Different opportunities have been let go.
Vocationally I've been presented with:
A larger paycheck,
Fresh clientele,
A new vocational arena,
A new title,
All around better compensation and work benefits.
The tug and the pull of new opportunities appears appealing but ... something tells me the opportunities being presented me are not for "now."
So I've let them go.
The prevailing power which dominates my decision making has to do with one certain subject named "Client A."
A refusal to entertain appealing offers always circles back to "her."
A combination of regard for her welfare, along with a fervent, furious love for her keep me on the job with her.
I simply refuse to let her go.
And I am reminded of the reality that ...
One person has the power to wield an unbelievable staying power in the soul;
No matter the stage, age, or season of life.

It's really quite extraordinary.
"Client A" has been a safe-house and a store-house for me in a myriad of ways ... and in a period of transition too significant to dismiss.
My devotion runs deep and different for her as a result.
God be praised for tender blessings He provides and procures for us on our journey home; blessings with names which help to see us home and contribute to a staying power all their own.
I remain faithful to the job that God has preserved and procured for me and I see that, in keeping with what I believe is best and right, the faithfulness of God continues to expand, display, and manifest itself.
 Writing opportunities and possibilities which I have never considered nor explored are opening before me in an unexplainable yet attainable way.
New pursuits and possibilities to write and to create are, of their own accord, opening their doors and whispering my name.
And beautiful things are coming.
The best is yet to be.
Mmmm ....
Hold to the course God has planned and prepared for you, and be diligent in whatever place He has called "you" to.
God will prove Himself wondrously,
Exceptionally able.
God will provide you with staying power in your "wondering" hour.
Be true to Him.