By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Many years ago, while enjoying a time of peacefully employed respite, at a resort with my husband's family, someone thought that an adult game of "Capture the Flag" seemed in order.
This active game, for those of you unfamiliar with it, boasts strategy, speed, and activity as its main course. The goal is to discover and obtain the "hidden flag" of the opposing team and bring it into "home territory."
Emphatically in flight for the seeking of the flag, a remembrance of "running full-bore" returns to me ... and so does running into a stationary large object named Joe.
Oh my!
I have never "bounced" off another individual quite like I did in that moment.
Seemingly out of nowhere, my dearly loved brother-in-law, Joe, seemed everywhere.
I couldn't dodge him,
Remove him,
Or protect myself from him.
He was just there so suddenly and unmovably (yes, that's a word today.)
If my recollection serves rightly, I was hoisted off the ground and hurled down violently several feet from him by impact with him.
The moment was extraordinary.
A sudden quick "black-out" was mine and then faces appeared all around me. Joe's presence was very close to me and his voice very concerned for me.
I sat up, a bit disoriented, and recovered fairly quickly.
We all enjoyed a hearty laugh, once the concern for my welfare was secured, and the little event was rehearsed with humor.
Hmmm ...
Joe didn't suffer or sustain anything but amusement in the end;
his lot was strength and stability and he remained unscathed through the little ruckus.
In restrospect, it was a little like a small boat running into a lighthouse.
My violent crash didn't do anything to hurt or move him;
But it had profound consequence for me.
And, interestingly, a spiritual parallel meets me:
We run full-bore, in life, engaged in business and activity;
intent on the fulfillment of a new endeavor and a new "conquering of the flag." We run hard and fast and, all of a sudden and seemingly out of nowhere, we hit a stationary object ... and His name is God.
So abruptly and "untimely" seems His presence that we haven't time to alter the course and we find ourselves severely situated on our backside.
We rub our eyes in a confused stupor and see God standing over us, watching us.
He remains unmoved in posture but very moved in Spirit.
And He looks down and He has our full attention ... and we see that this is what He wanted all along.
Activity must not be confused with intimacy.
Mmmm ...
This is God's wondrous "doing" in the midst of our hustle and bustle called activity:
He stops us,
He looks at us,
He speaks to us,
He extends His hand to us,
And He helps us stand back up.
But He, Himself, remains unmovably, unstoppably, beautifully unchangeably God.
God remains standing in our "falls."
He's big enough to catch us,
Wise enough to stop us,
And gentle enough to love us in between.
God's presence ... what a promise,
When we fall.
"Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; for the Lord upholdeth him with His hand."
Psalm 37:24