By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

I'm driving down I-29 absorbed in thought.
Traffic is congested and the car ahead of me is my primary concern.
Based on the clock, and the speed of drivers, I'd say there's more than me that's running late this morning.
7:55 and the clock is running.
 I'm oblivious to the guy driving carelessly up behind me, in the flashy white Ram, until he gouges trafffic and inserts himself directly beside me.
Gosh and golly, he's not happy, dear Reader.
A string of nasty "verbality" passes silently but with clarity between us,
And a finger gesture to boot.
All of this is happening in one fast moment.
Hmmm ...
I'm entirely mystified by this scene until I realize with a look in my rearview mirror that I must have, in my preoccupation, cut "unhappy Joe" off from needed space when he was trying to make a hasty exit onto I-29.
Bugger on this and I'm feeling badly;
I certainly never meant to slow Joe's day down or make it bad.
Since I believe "unhappy Joe" and I have gotten off on a wrong start, I determine to made amends as soon as possible. Wondrously but not surprisingly, a stoplight is planted directly ahead of us and God has it turn red, giving me time to glide beside "unhappy Joe" so that we're once again, side by side.
I quickly take off my sunglasses so he can "see" my "sorry" with clarity and I mouth the words,
"I'm sorry."
"Unhappy Joe" now looks mystified and he does a double take when I reissue my sincere apology.
Guess what happens next, dear Reader?
"Unhappy Joe" turns into "Happy Joe" and bursts into laughter that makes my own face erupt in a smile.
And all in a moment ... all is well again.
"Forgiving Joe" gives me the "thumbs up," shakes his head in good humor and mouths,
"It's okay."
And we part ways.
 I wish, dear Reader, that all bad beginnings concluded with good endings;
That a sincere and remorse-filled apology could sort out and make agreeable careless and thoughtless passages of behavior.
I wish that the act of taking responsibility translated into true reconciliation.
But rarely does life work into such agreeable and desirable terms where man is involved.
The "Unhappy Joes" remain part of our lives, no apology accepting:
-Divorce proceedings still go through.
-Custody battles are still fought.
-Charges are still impending.
-Gestures and verbal storms are still incoming.
-Financial matters continue to deteriorate.
-Mistakes continue to be repeated.
And "stoplights" serve as overtures to more unresolved issues.
Hurt upon hurt:
Hearts break,
People ache ...
Only God remains steady, dear Reader.
In unchanging stance and with a steady stream of truth and grace applied, God applies His word to us, stations His presence over us, and supplies a love strong enough to heal us when we cry out to Him.
Confession to God leads to the whole-hearted loving embrace and grace of God, which shall be applied and supplied by God to our lives,
No sin withstanding.
Stoplights are "divine lights" given to us by God, dear Reader.
We must leave the "people matters" to Him, no response deterring.
Upon confession,
We must go with Christ on the "Green,"
And just keep moving.