By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Make your trek.
Take a step.
Move on your journey.
Name and claim a mountain you wish to climb, a dream you wish to see realized, and a goal you want to see accomplished.
Put feet to it.
I've made about a dozen treks up a small mountain called Black Elk (formerly Harney Peak) in South Dakota. This particular "peak" is chosen for reasons of proximity, doability, affordability, challenge, and attainment.
An outstanding daytrip, I can leave home early in the morning and return late at night with extraordinary new dreams, goals, and ambitions on the heels.
Each trek becomes more defined, refined, and purposed:
+I utilize it for self-assessment and personal growth.
+ For attainment and goal setting.
+Strategizing and productivity.
+Team building and personal development.
Each trek becomes more deliberate, intentional, and supportive in its role of defining who I am and where I'm going.
I reflect on places I've been since my last hike and places I'm inspired to trek in the future.
I take time to realize, respect, and recognize what God has done through me, with me, and in me in the past and arrive at thankful conclusions for where He might take me in the future.
Here,God speaks almost audibly to me through visible means of landscape, beauty, nature, silence, wildlife and a keen sense of His companionship.
Each step I take furthers me toward a postive destination with my Creator on my journey heavenward.
Spiritually. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically. Vocationally. Relationally.
I am bettered.
It's a positively productive and priceless journey with possibilites and potential unlimited.
If you're looking to put feet to a dream, my friend, I encourage you to first put your feet to something tangible.
Find your "Black Elk" and name it.
Then begin your journey.
You'll be amazed at the energizing qualities provoked in you and the sense of completion, attainment, and vision granted you on the journey.
You'll reach for more ...
 You'll also be given steps of clarity,
an energizing mobility,
and a rejuvenation and replenishment of spirit that enables you for more.
Love the life you live ...
And put feet to it.