By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The "Banquet" is a beautiful stop on our journey of Community and worth a bit of retelling.
On June 17, 1985, a group of volunteers decided to "put feet" to the need of feeding "people in need" in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
The start-up began as most start-ups do:
with humble roots, hard labor, and not a little of the green stuff.
The eyes, hands, and feet of merciful volunteers and visionaries quickly saw the need for expansion and began to accommodate those needs in physical, visible ways.
  Now, 30 years after the first meal, the Banquet seeks to expand its growing influence yet again. (A building is soon expected to go up near the Nordstrom Johnson building on the fairgrounds.)
The desire to feed and fill "growling" tummies, souls, and spirits is being met through the Banquet in practical, tangible ways.
Absolutely beautiful and inspiring!
"We have become a core feeding ministry in our community. People come and know they will receive a dignified and nutritious meal, provided by people in the community who really care," said Jerke Liesinger.
In 2017, 196,000 meals were served and 25,000 of those meals were eaten by children under 12.
What a difference compassion can make!
Hmmm ...
Note the word "compass" in compassion,
and consider the way that compassion has the power to navigate, steer, and direct.
Jesus was the first "complete" primary compassion giver;
the "Compass" for men and the true voice to follow in activity.
He leaves it now with us and commands us in His word to love openly, forcibly, and compassionately!
-Luke 10:25-37-
Tonight, I'm going to listen to the "growl" of the hungry and do something about it.
I'm going to feed, fill, and fuel hungry souls.
Mmmm ...
May our lives point to the true "Compass" in compassion.
Get out there!