By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Coffee. Tea. Wine. Soda. Beverage.
 A bold activity to begin your morning.
Select your favorite "brew" and let it sit on your tastebuds a moment.
Once you've got it lingering and located,
Close your eyes and allow your mind to wander to a time and place where the "savor" of it was enjoyed and tasted to a heightened degree.
It's a curious and telling exercise that may foster a renewed appreciation of it.
Coffee is my brew of choice.
Dunn Brothers is my favorite brew.
Strong, dark, and bold is my selection of bean.
But my "savored" cup of coffee didn't have anything to do with any of my recorded preferences.
Hmmm ...
My favorite cup of coffee was a spontaneous morning cup of unknown "brew" at a gas station unfamiliar to me.
Two strong cups were poured with a French Vanilla swig swirled in.
And I remember "that" particular cup.
 I remember enjoying it and savoring it to a different degree.
Three reasons why beginning with "I."
1) Impulsivity.
Impulsivity and spontaneity are special factors that produce special outcomes in my book.
The "brew" I remember most was the brew I didn't know anything about at all.
The likelihood that it was a "cheap bean" is quite great.
It's entirely irrelevant to me.
That "particular" cup of coffee was unforgettable and ranks better than all the rest.
What are the special factors in "your" book that foster a memorable cup?
2) Individual.
An individual has the ability to make good the worst cup of brew or make bad the best cup.
This is true no matter the drink and no matter the moment.
The individual aligned with "difficulty" in our midst has a toxic effect on the drink itself;
And the individual who brings "delight" adds a sweetened contribution to one's cup.
What individual contributed to your most memorable brew?
3) Intensity.
An intense cup of brew is flavored by an intense sense of awareness and feeling in the moment.
Many times the "savoring" of a brew occurs after, and not while, the cup is being drunk.
For a multitude of reasons, both known and unknown, a cup of brew can impact the "sensories" for a lifetime.
Interestingly, the best cup of coffee I ever enjoyed was in a disposable cup that wasn't retrievable but was most certainly "save-able" and marked with intensity in my mind.
What was "your" moment flavored with that makes it so memorable?
A good cup of brew can waken a thousand possibilities.
Close your eyes,
Take a sip,
Remember the moment.
To be fully present and engaged in the moment heightens the awareness of pleasure  experienced within it.
-Darrelyn L. Tutt