By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

A beautiful little six year old boy;
A Native American with a shock of black hair and olive toned skin.
He's landed in the same pew as me.
Inch by inch, with a most endearing look of young ego saddled with discretion, he scoots himself toward me.
Finally he reaches me,
His skin touches me,
And he looks imploringly up at me.
He has my full acceptance and he's garnered my attention;
An unspoken camaraderie is ours;
 I put my arm up on the pew and allow him to get as close as he wants to me and he rests gently against me.
We exchange names.
He doesn't work very hard at mine and "Dee" works fine with him.
I know nothing of his background other than the fact he's unfamiliar with a church setting.
His eyes sweep over the strange environment composed of wooden pews, old burgandy hymnals, and communion cup holders.
He looks at me questioningly.
He's very curious about the cup holders.
He slides his hand under the wooden cup holder and performs a brief magic show;
Presenting me with the appearance of moving fingers.
 A chuckle is suppressed and a smile provoked.
I touch his fingers through the communion cup "holders" and encourage him to continue his exploration.
He leans into me and whispers a question,
"Does the Pastor's name start with a T?"
I shake my head 'no' and wonder at his curious question.
"Then why does he have a 'T' behind him?" he whispers a little too loud.
Confusion momentarily fills me and then I follow his eyes and see that he's looking at the cross;
So large and on display perfectly aligned with the pulpit and the preacher.
This is a profound moment for me:
I'll never forget that child.
I'll never forget his question.
"What's the 'T' for?"
Have some of us been in the church too long, dear reader?
Have we gotten lost and forgotten the basic "essentials" of the cross and what we're to be about?
Have we gotten caught up with words instead of souls?
Have we gotten caught up with the big "I" instead of the "T" in the background?
Maybe it's time to take a step back.
Maybe it's time to ask,
"What's the 'T' for?"
Maybe the committees, meetings, programs, and performances need to be replaced with something bigger.
"What's the 'T' for?"
I think it matters to Jesus how we answer.
And I think I'm asking that question more with time.