By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

"Over the river and through the woods ..."
And down the hill we go.
Hmmm ...
You're with me on yesterday's speedwalk,
hearing the sounds before seeing the sights, of the colorful crowds that have gathered.
We're nearing Spellerberg Park, one of the biggest sledding attractions in Sioux Falls for kids, and linked to the Midco Aquatic Center on West 22nd.
It's absolutely busting and bustling with activity today;
ideal because the hills are a just-right perfect size and the recent snowfall has accommodated it wonderfully.
Free of charge, it's difficult to beat, for a day of family entertainment.
Colored marshmallow children decorate the hill in oversized snowsuits:
-Some are speeding down the hill on bright flying saucers.
-Some are scooting down, legs spread on either side of the sled, navigating severe potholes and bumps, and nervously entertaining spurts of speed.
-And some are trudging up the hill exerting strain and energy while pulling their "joy rides" with them.
 There's yelling, cheering, clapping, and the funnest kinds of noises being transmitted in this winter colorful wonderland.
Which is why, decidedly, it's the most entertaining part of the walk.
Our feet stop and you watch my eyes travel to a certain "marshmallow."
They land on an overstuffed little blue marshmallow boy, probably five years old, who appears to be entertaining ideas of his own.
He walks away from the congested, colorful snowpack,
abandons his neon green flyer,
 lays down in the snow,
and performs the most beautiful "marshmallow roll" I've ever seen.
But he doesn't remain a blue marshmallow;
he becomes transformed into a wondrous "donut-hole" rolling down the hill slathered in a generous and delicious snow sugar.
Perfectly glazed at the bottom, he sits up dizzy with delight, and laughs wonderfully.
And I laugh "with" him.
The marshmallow turned "donut-hole" child is me, in the "roll of grace," and I just captured it.
Mmmm ...
If ever a more splendid illustration of grace could be provoked, I just can't think of it.
Grace is laying ourselves down before God,
 pressing ourselves into His snowsugar,
and rolling down the hill with Him.
Grace is sitting up at the bottom of the hill,
 finding ourselves covered in a dusting and glazing of merciful love,
and being dazed and dizzied by the wonder of it.
 Grace doesn't know how to do anything but joyfully rejoice in it.
Grace is an emphatically clean roll in a slathering of "snowsugar" which produces a childlike response of enthusiasm ... at least in me.
There's only one thing to do with grace, my friend, and that's to get covered in it:
Roll in it,
get slathered in it,
 sit up and experience the dizziness of it,
and rejoice in it.
Then grab a hand and do it all over again.
A "double-hole, donut-roll,"
Rejoice ...
and be glad in Him.