By: Darrelyn L .Tutt

Friends and family members are taking off for Cancun or returning from it.
Highlighted as one of the most favorable vacation locations amongst Americans, countless individuals are drawn to the sunny skies, bright blue waters, warm weather, and white-sand beaches of this beckoning and welcoming "Acapulco."
The closest thing I can muster up in me in a desire for Cancun is the first three letters:
CAN ...
That's all I CAN do in relation to CANcun.
My sights are set on CANada.
Right now I'm exploring a range of possibilities in Provinces boasting knee-deep snow, breathtaking beauty, and sights suggestive of intoxifying the soul. I'm exploring "sled" possibilities and other accomodating rental options, in order to enjoy the full effects of "nature's beautiful best."
I want to experience Canada with my best friend and explore the enticing Province calling my name.
Away from tourism and commercialism, I want to experience the wonders and beauty of untouched terrain and the unpopular strain of seclusion and solitude it can afford me.
-I want to smell snowmobile exhaust in the freezing cold.
-I want to see my breath cluster in puffs of little clouds in the still air.
-I want to stop as many times as I desire and take in the wonder of it all.
-I want to eat snow along the way and enter a Canadian restaurant where I will order French-fries and gravy.
Mmmm ...
Mostly, I want to get away with God and hear Him talk to me out there.
My journal will be a steady companion and praise will be in sure supply.
The absence of man procures a special "providence and provision" from God and I'm gonna get me some of that.
Find your "CAN" ...
And explore it.
Reach for more.