By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Placed on a block with a thousand needs,
With broken hearts and countless weeds.
And my heart made soft.
Colin is the little boy on our block.
His mom came to us with a bike she had retrieved from someone's garbage and asked my husband to fix it.
It wasn't fixable.
He sent the mom and the boy home.
We went and purchased a "first" bike for the beautiful little boy with child's dreams:
Bright neon green with training wheels and all the little bells and whistles.
The color green I knew to be a winner.
Ninjas had adorned his faded shirt.
We gifted him.
I'm not sure who the gift meant more to,
The mother or the son.
That was weeks ago.
Colin works hard to keep up with the neighbor boys.
He has spoken kind words about us to his friends and we've been given an obvious favor which has translated into our lawn getting sped across by busy bikes with busy boys of busy minds.
Waves and fired-up greetings never fail to meet me.
And I can't get myself to offer a reprimand on the biking situation because I want to see Colin's face outside my window.
A little bit of a torn up lawn may be our lot.
I want Colin and his mom to keep eating and loving the bread I bring over.
I want him and his mom to know something about the One my soul loves very much.
I want the mom to bring us more of her broken bikes.
And I want to respond.
I never knew how poorly I'd loved until we arrived on this block.
I never knew the love of God as I know it now,
Nor how to love.
For a little green bike,
For a beautiful boy ...
I praise my Savior.