By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

We all have little "nonsensicals."
Things we "do" that don't make sense;
things that appear to work in contrast to our nature and run strangely contrary to it.
Curious Examples:
-I'm an extremely high energy individual with a speedwalking average of 5 miles daily at several miles per hour; yet I'm the one who will circle the block several times over for a better parking space.
Hmmm ...
-Cousin Keith purchases name-brand "everything", from hunting gear to clothing, and boasts a seven digit income, with an appetite to be served at only fine dining places; yet Keith insists on making his most notable purchases at consignment and pawn shops.
If it's not on sale he won't buy it.
Hmmm ...
-Friend Mallory is an organic eater and ritualistic "nut" in arenas of diet, nutrition, and exercise; yet gorges on "O My Cupcakes" on a weekly basis.
Hmmm ...
-Friend Kelly is a regimented, detail oriented individual whose appearance speaks to nothing but perfection; yet walk into her house and you think a bomb went off or you've entered a bachelor pad. Yikes.
Hmmm ...
and on and on.
Welcome to the mania and manicness of the human condition;
where nonsensicals prevail and where "head-scratching" occurs without fail in the knowing of others.
Some nonsensicals are funny and some aren't, but the point is that they speak collectively to the human condition of changeability, unreliability, and uncertainty.
We are like Rubik's cubes, composed of a complexity that even we, ourselves, don't understand.
 We appear "one" colored on one side and then "off" colored on another.
The more you twist the Rubik's cube the more complex it gets.
And in the end it's simply learned we're all a "change of color."
Hmmm ...
The more we learn to live within the confines of this reality,
the more liberty we experience in this life .. and the more loving and compassionate we become of others and ourselves.
The human condition is a mystery:
Tricky. Sticky. Colored. Altered. Changeable. Frail. Fickle.
"Turn the Rubik's" on any given day and it will look different,
and this is the reality we must learn and accept in both ourselves and others.
Is it scary?
You bet.
Should it change the way we see ourselves, others, and God?
Absolutely and you bet!
 With a knowledge of the "Human Rubik's" comes a more sure and emphatic declaration and knowledge of God ... and this is the mystery and wonderous complexity of it all. This is the blessedness and not the cursedness to be found within our ever-changing colors.
God's unchangeability and "unconditionality" of love is the most solid, beautiful, glorious, wondrous love we will ever experience on earth.
God puts up with man's change of color all day long and creates a redemptive plan for it.
God's love is the only love we can be truly certain of this side of heaven, and it is the only love strong enough to save.
The unchanging, committed heart of the Father leads the changing and colored hearts of men home.
This is the greatest wonder of all.
The mystery and grace of God is a complex daring rival to our sinful colorful selves,
necessary for growth, healing, and redemptive living.
God the Father can be trusted with our colors;
He redeems us in perfect "Scarlet"
and turns the cube white.
Hmmm ...
What a truth worth turning,
and "colorfully" sharing.
Romans 7:18-25
Today's truth for thought ...