By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Three scenarios are given and selected, from the scripture, of which new outcomes are presented.
Think them over carefully.
1) The prodigal returns home and is met by the father at the house. He knocks on the door, is given a handshake, and directed toward the servant quarters, where he will be living … at least temporarily.
Together, the father and older son determine that potential for a quiet promotion exists IF he can show himself worthy.
He’s reminded of what he’s done to the family’s reputation, the horrifying life-style chosen, and the inheritance foolishly spent.
The joy of seeing him return is overshadowed by embarrassment and shame for them; everyone will have to adjust and bear some of the guilt.
The Prodigal is placed on a one year probation period.
(Luke 15:11-32)
2) The blind beggar becomes aware of the presence of Jesus and puts his beggar’s voice to work in a “plea for mercy.” The bodyguards of Jesus approach him and threaten to silence him but he grows increasingly louder.
Jesus steps aside and approaches the man.
You’re displaying a lack of respect for authority and for Me. You’ve been asked to be quiet and have chosen to draw unnecessary attention to yourself.
Submit your request to me in a respectful tone, and for starters,
Quit begging.
If you can show yourself worthy and stop using your blindness for an excuse, one day you might see again.
The blind beggar is placed on a list of “potential men” suitable for miracles.
Someone will check on his status in one year.
(Luke 18:35-43)
3) The scandalous woman enters the house of the Pharisees, where a great feast hosting religious elitists and prominent men is taking place. As she positions to kneel herself before Jesus, He looks at her disapprovingly, and shakes His head.
No thank you, He asserts,
I just washed My feet this morning and the unnecessary drama seems irreverent and out of place. Perhaps it would be wiser of you to find a houseful of women instead of a houseful of men.
Also, I’m not sure if you’ve ever met Martha but she might be able to secure some respectable employment tips for you.
He asks for a piece of paper, writes something down, and hands it to her.
Perfect …
The name of a therapist and a phone number for her personal problems,
The name of Martha as a referral for job potential.
Therapy is recommended for a year and an update by the prescribed counselor will be provided before another foot-washing occurs.
(Luke 7:36-50)
Finally …
Justice has been served and metered out effectively and the probation period ensures that each of the recipients experience the proper amount of shame.
Isn’t that what it’s all about?
Isn’t that we have trouble with?
The law-abiders against the law-breakers?
“Think. Think. Think,” said Pooh to Piglet.
The problem with redemption is that the rules don’t apply,
and really sinful people are given really beautiful things:
Parties are thrown,
Robes are worn,
and rings are placed on fingers.

Mmmmm ... holy beautiful.
Do you understand the power of Christ’s love for you, my friend, and the lengths He has gone for you and is willing to go for you to ensure your position in Him?
To every soul in need, Christ indiscriminately and without let-up, whispers the word,
His reach is extended,
His arms are open,
His love is real ...
Receive Him.

“Herein is love, not that we loved God but that He loved us, and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.”
1 John 4:10
*Propitiation – To cleanse entirely and clear of sin.