By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

When a crack begins to spider-web across your windshield, it’s time to fix it.
-It doesn’t get fixed by blaming the gravel truck that flew past you and threw a stone your way.
-It doesn’t get fixed by throwing a stone back at the gravel truck.
-It doesn’t get fixed by talking about getting it fixed.
A cracked windshield gets fixed when the owner assumes responsibility for his windshield, brings it in to the appropriate “fix-it” place, and gets the job done.
There’s a time factor and a cost factor involved …
But you also drive away looking out a clear windshield.
Individuals who assume responsibility for the sin and the “cracks” in their lives and utilize the redemptive service called “confession” are blessed individuals.
Temporarily, they may appear to suffer setbacks, inconveniences, and perhaps even a few perceived injustices, but in the end the “crack” is dealt with by a supreme Serviceman and Christ, Himself, gives a special regard to the individual who drives into His repair shop and asks to be restored.
Christ has a way of sufficiently caring for the “time and cost” factors involved and, in His way and in His perfect time, He maintains the power to grant a flawless windshield to the child He provides coverage for.
How He does it and why He does it are some of life’s beautiful mysteries,
But that He does it …
Is a most perfect reality.
Assume full responsibility for what you see and what you’re looking through,
And drive yourself into the repair shop called Redemption.
Confessing “cracks” allows redemptive “facts” to surface in a most beautiful way.
What He does with you, I cannot say,
But what He gives to you,
Is clean and coming your way.
Watch for it.