By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Yesterday I sat on a flowered 70's couch draped with sheets hiding see-through stains; the gold and red velvet flowers of someone's luxurious past still working to identify themselves from beneath, peaking out on the misshaped, uncooperative arm rests.
Miscellaneous items of decor were proudly pointed out and exclaimed over:
-Lamps with gold bases and soiled shades sitting on marred wooden end tables.
-Pottery revealing beautifully colored "fronts' hiding broken and cracked "backs."
-Matching wall hangings of dancing Italian couples discretely hiding holes in the stain colored cigarrette walls.
  Curb-bound items declared positively perfect in their newly sanctioned stations shown with pride and a glow of satisfaction.
The creativity was positively excellent and delightful and easy to identify and exclaim over.
The entire visual tour was seasoned with a wet-tongued puppy feverishly extending an invitation to be touched and finding me a willing and humored participant.
The visit wasn't lengthy on account of needing to get home before dark;
but the visit happened because this particular woman "happened" to be situated on my walking route. I took time to introduce myself to her, and the rest is now history.
And I think to myself ...
-beautiful things happen when we pay attention to those around us.
-When we focus on our likenesses instead of our differences.
-When we focus on the internal instead of the external.
-When we see ourselves in the eyes of a stranger and welcome them in or get invited in.
In extending ourselves,
we reach ...
and experience Jesus.
Hmmm ...
The scent of my new friend is still in my jacket, and the scent of "me" got left behind, and I appreciate the wonder and beauty of it all.
 The scent of God is a powerful thing,
mingled into our midst.
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