By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Solitude is a discipline that develops
Nearness with God.

It spawns growth and spurs creativity;
It calms the spirit and quiets the soul.
Solitude secures a solid relationship with God and with others.
We are wise when we interrupt our busy schedules and make time for that silent guest named Solitude.

Brief Excerpt by John C. Maxwell
How Successful People Grow

Study the lives of great people who have made an impact on the world, and you will find that in virtually every case, they spent a considerable amount of time alone thinking. Every significant religious leader in history spent time in solitude. Every political leader who had an impact on history practiced the discipline of solitude to think and plan. Great artists spend countless hours in their studios or with their instruments not just doing, but exploring their ideas and experiences. Time alone allows people to sort through their experience, put it into perspective, and plan for the future. I strongly encourage you to find a place to think and to discipline yourself to pause and use it, because it has the potential to change your life. It can help you to figure out what’s really important and what isn’t.

Be still and know that I am God …
Psalm 46:10