By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

A jarring noise wakes me early;
an incessant knocking on the glass-paned patio windows surrounding our glorious bedroom. I patter over to the window in my husband's overgrown white tee, messy morning hair, and "lensless" eyes and try to interpret the scene.
I witness the blur of a curious and overgrown robin relentlessy bashing his head against an adjoining window.
Looks painful and sounds buggerish.
My husband explains that he's engaged in visible battle for a sweet-winged female.
I'm humored a wee bit by the viewing of this charged up male ego contending with his own reflection for want of a prize.
Evidently, he finds himself a worthy competitor.
I wish I could "bird-talk" and converse with him; let him know he's engaged in an unecessary battle but of course ... it's his battle to fight.
I step out on the deck and temporarily relieve him of his head-bashing.
He flees to a nearby tree,
but I have a hunch he'll be back.
His head must now be throbbing unmercifully.
Hmmm ...
The robin speaks visibly to the human condition and its unrelenting battle of self, ego, and pride.
The battle of unrelenting "head-bashing" known to self through its own reflection.
Over and over it is fought ...
hourly, daily, and until eternity it is ours to contend with. We are slow to surrender and strong to engage in battle. The head hurts, the soul swells, and the wing is wearied in a telling and defeated outcome.
This battle of self posing as "god" with the living God.
But somewhere in the knocking, we finally crash in a hard surrender, and find ourselves free.
Pride engages us in many unnecessary battles, and not until we are free of it do we find ourselves truly free.
Through confession and humility,
Christ sets us free.
But for a moment and what do I hear ...
but the sound of the robin.