By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Sharp, Cold, Invigorating.
The cold air greets me and meets me with her bite.
The last several days have presented challenges to my daily walk:
-Monday was the first of "blizzard-like" conditions with heavy winds and intermittant sleet and snow to deal with.
-Tuesday was icy with the carry-over of Monday's remains, plenty of cold and wind to deal with, plus unshoveled sidewalks.
-Wednesday was pleasant, in comparison, with just the cold and a few slippery patches to deal with.
Each of the days put out a little whisper telling me I shouldn't go for my walk;
 That I should "hole-up",
 Keep out of the cold,
 Enjoy the warmth of the indoors,
Settle in with a good book, curl up under a blanket, enjoy the lights on the tree, and listen to Harry Connick Junior's Christmas music in the background.
And it was all very tempting to listen to the easy voice,
But that's not the voice I knew I would listen to in the end ...
Because I know myself.
Compelled by the latter, I submitted to the challenged-driven side of me, bundled myself up accordingly, and set myself in the frigid air with an enthusiastic stride and in an energetic tone.
I listened to the stronger voice, the more difficult voice, while hearing the echo of my client's voice,
"Trying to hold you back and slow you down is like telling the wind not to blow. It's something beautiful in you, Child."
And I think she's on to something ...
Because walks must be taken no matter the weather.
And the stronger the voice, the greater the fulfillment in having listened to it.
Mmmm ...
Our walk with Christ, similarly, is a walk that must be taken regardless of "weather" condition. When difficulties, trials, and heartaches come into our lives, the easy voice threatens to undermine the stronger voice ... and we are detoured from a walk charged with possibility.
You were made for Christ ... and so was I.
Together we were made for more.
Let's take our walk and see if God doesn't intoxify our senses with a breath of His presence ... and an invitation to more.
In our walk with Christ let's strive for the powerful echo,
"Trying to hold you back and slow you down is like telling the wind not to blow. It's something beautiful in you, Child."
Take your walk.
"For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him ..."
2 Chronicles 16:9