By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Jacco Maccacco was a famous top athlete from Great Britain in the 1820's.
A prized fighter, he could successfully defeat those twice his size.
Put him in the ring and the thing was done.
Jacco was amazing!
True story:
Jacco Maccacco was Britain's prized gibbon.
Yep ... you heard right.
Jacco Maccacco was a gibbon (ape family) who fought dogs all day long in a brutal ring. So successful was he that wagers bet on how many minutes it would take him to kill a dog in the ring ... and not whether he would be the victor of it.
Battles generally were fought within three minutes:
Jacco would launch himself on a dog's back, clamp his jaws into the dog's neck, and rip the windpipe out with his teeth.
But one day Jacco was abnormally tired;
he'd killed fourteen dogs and his body was under intense strain.
A vicious and crazed dog by the name of Puss was put into the ring with him.
Jacco and Puss lunged and plunged into one another for thirty long minutes and finally, and in great agony, the battle ended with both dogs dead in the middle ... a virtual blood bath.
Jacco had removed Puss's windpipe.
Puss had ripped out Jacco's lower jaw.
Jacco lost his final battle in 1822.
A man by the name of Richard Martin aka "Humanity Dick" was spurred by this curious event which proved fodder for his life calling.
Richard Martin created the first animal welfare society in the world (RSPCA) Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in 1822, the year Jacco died.
+He drafted the "Ill-Treatment of Cattle Bill" which was promoted positively by King George IV.
+He promoted the first animal protection laws and became an advocate for every kind of animal treated inhumanely.
Richard Martin made it a crime to treat animals brutally and inhumanely and those who subjected animals to such treatment were subject to a prison term (up to three months) or a hefty fine.
While animal laws would take many years to reenforce, Richard Martin began the slow and tedious process and in part ... because of a "Jacco Maccacco."
And I think to myself how strange and curious, the events and "happenstances" which propel and trigger something inside of us, which lead and deliver us into something so great as our life-calling ... but that we didn't even know was there.
It's a head-scratching, mysterious business.
Who can know but God alone what will lead us to a ring, and what "Jacco" we'll find when we get there.
and Jacco Maccacco