By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

If I fail to deliver a smile with this morning's coffee ... something is sadly amiss.
Rewind to yesterday:
I'm preparing to go to work and going through my normal morning routine.
I get done showering and reach for a bottle of lotion which is on the shelf directly above our toilet. In reaching for my lotion I bump over a brand new purchase of perfume (a woman's expensive secret.) The bottle is about 2 1/2 inches in length and has a unique shape.
It cannot fall normally and naturally as bottles are suppose to do ... because it belongs to "me."
My bottle of perfume takes a dive right down into the neck of the toilet.
Not only does it land strangely, it's sardined and jammed into the neck of the toilet in such a concrete, unmovable way that I cannot move it even a second.
The word "Blast" erupts in a variety of foreign languages and now I'm looking at the clock and completely off schedule.
I grab a knife from the kitchen hoping to somehow get under the bottle and decide to flush the toilet at the same time in an effort to produce some kind of movement.
It works ... sort of.
But now the water is rising quickly and I have a new problem.
Rrrr ....
Fortunately for me, in that moment, the bottle budges just enough for the water to "breathe again" which is good news, except that it's pulling my bottle away from me and I know it needs to be coming toward me ... and I'm so doggone relieved when the toilet stops running and I hear a little clink down in the neck of my toilet and I know it didn't get bottlenecked further down the toilet where I might have "real" issues to deal with.
The clock tells me I have to go but, naturally, my mind is consumed now with my toilet dilemma.
I wish I would've busted the thing to smithereens while I had the chance.
But in the moment the thought didn't occur to me nor did the option.
Hindsight is 20/20.
My client listens to my tale of woe and can't laugh long enough about my toilet dilemma.
 I ask her what she would do and here's the answer of the day:
"I would move the shelf."
And then she has another hearty good laugh and I poke her and tell her she needs to act decent and encouraging and ... we both have a good laugh together.
I make a call to a plumber, with a desire to not impose on my truck driving husband, and ask for advice from a seasoned "toilet dilemma man" and he proves helpful.
He tells me that as long as the bottle is still in the early intestine or neck of the toilet I'm in good shape. He tells me the worst case scenario, for the moment, is a new toilet or a new bottle of perfume.
He recommends busting the bottle if we can get to it.
As anticipated, my husband enjoys a hearty laugh when he gets home, similar to my client's. He messes around with the toilet for awhile ... and he finally is able to jam a hook on a screwdriver into the neck of the toilet, and with a little male force, is somehow able to burst the bottle.
Mmmm ...
The toilet has never smelled so delightful.
And I think to myself ...
Sometimes our choices bottleneck us and we find ourselves concretely stuck in a place we know we don't belong.
And it stinks to be stuck in a toilet.
I've been there and I know.
The options don't look pleasant but still ... we have them.
We can try to flush the problem away and deny that a problem exists, creating more problems further down the line.
Or ...
We can own up to "our" bottle in the toilet,
Assume responsibility,
Break the silence,
Expose the secrets,
Expose the lies,
And get help with "our" hidden bottle in the toilet.
And once we do ...
We can breathe again.
A bottle can be broken and repurchased.
A sin can be forgiven and relinquished.
No matter the name,
The solution to sin is the same ...
Christ Jesus, and the power of His redemptive blood.
Tell the truth,
And the God of truth will free and clear the lines.
He sees the bottle in your toilet,
And He wants you free.